Reply To: Interested in joining a consortium/project – French NGO

Daniela FattoriDaniela Fattori

Dear AIFM,
we are interested in joining a consortium for the title call and more specifically:
2.7 Enhancing protection and conservation of nature, biodiversity, and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution.

I am writing on behalf of the associazione Collepardo (Italian ONLUS):

Parco Colle Pardo

Collepardo is a zone in our region with an extremely high diversity. In the past it was property of a noble family, then it went to auction and we acquired it to save it and avoid real estate speculation.

Regrettably we don’t have funds to opportunely preserve it and, in case transform it into something sustainable.

We would be more than happy to organize a call to better explain the situation.

Kind Regards,