Reply To: Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain

Ana LacãoAna Lacão

Dear Luca Trovato,
AREANATejo is a Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo (Portugal).
We have the following mission and objectives: to adopt measures for the energy transition; to promote energy and environmental sustainability; to promote carbon neutrality in all sectors of activity; to develop projects that encourage circular economy; to promote the sustainable local development; to incorporate renewable energy sources into energy consumption; to commit to the efficient use of resources; to fight energy poverty; to promote sustainable mobility; to adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change; and to pursue a strategic planning, in all intervention areas.
Our main areas of expertise are: energy, environment, mobility and awareness-raising/environmental education.
Being composed by a team with knowledge and experience in different areas of specialization, AREANATejo is permanently looking for more energy efficient solutions for its stakeholders. Although we are based in Portalegre, we collaborate with several public and private entities, at regional and national level, continuously identifying opportunities and improvement measures for the different actors with whom we currently work.
We have 20 years of experience and we implemented already more than 40 national and European projects, 6 of them under previous MED Programme calls.
It is our intention, in the near future, to continue the work of proximity with the Municipalities and other beneficiaries, supporting the implementation of measures that promote carbon neutrality, the circularity and sustainability, on the horizon 2050.
So, we would be very much appreciated if you could consider us in a possible partnership in the case that you are planning to develop a project proposal under this upcoming First Call for proposals of Euro-MED Programme.
Contact: (Ana Lacão)