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gianluca falcitelligianluca falcitelli

Dear all
We are CISP Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (, italian NGO, interested to be partner in a Governance Project on Sustainable Tourism
We are currently leading 2 ongoing ENICBCMED 2014-2020 projects on Sustainable Tourism: 1 Standard Project (CROSSDEV), and 1 Capitalizaton Project (RESTART MED!).
We are also directly involved in promoting Sustainable Tourism Activities in Italy (e.g. Sicily), connected to European Cultural Routes in Italy, Europe and South Med; working also in Bosnia on Sust. Tourism and Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan.
If anyone is searching for an Italian partner in Governance Projects on Sustainable Tourism (either Thematic Community and/or Institutional Dialogue projects) please contact us
Gianluca Falcitelli