Reply To: Projects promoting a sustainable economy and entrepreneuship

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My name is Eva ( and I am the European project Manager in ANCES.
ANCES-National Association of European Business and Innovation is the framework organisation- is a -non-profit association- set up for 33 Business Innovation Centre/ BICs members in Spain to promote and provide the systems, services and activities that drive dissemination, innovation and diversification of productive activities, technological progress and economic development. ANCES represents in Spain to the European Business and Innovation Centre Network -EBN- and coordinates the relationships and contacts exchanges between the Spanish CEEIs and their European counterparts.
ANCES collaborates with a large number of organizations, both public and private, thus fulfilling the mission of the association to represent its members and defend their interests together. It has a strong dissemination reach which it will use for the benefit of the exploitation of the project.
ANCES supports entrepreneurship, the growth and competitiveness of SMEs and innovation, through the provision of training and mentoring services both from its own resources and collaborating with the supply of existing entrepreneurship services in each territory
We are experienced also in entrepreneuships and in sustainable economy. Last year we took part as partner in the project SFEC (, which objective is to initiate a replicable model of learning that enables enterprise centre managers, tenant businesses and learners to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices.
We are also taking part in a Circular Economy project, RESOURCE ( lead by GAC. In this project, ANCES is in charged of linking the investment ecosystem with Circular economy projects in Aragon (Spain).
We would like to join any call related with anyone of these objectives.