Reply To: Looking for consortium partners – Municipality of Ascó


Dear Roger,
My name is Kristina and I am contacting you on behalf of the Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems at UNIZG-FER ( ). We offer the expertise in mathematical optimization for optimal investment sizing, short-term-ahead operations planning or prediction of certain time-dependent/weather-dependent variables for green technical solutions and infrastructure.
We are a partner in the project DanuP-2-Gas (Interreg Danube 2014-20, ) where we deal with power-to-gas hub investment optimal sizing software; and Store4HUC (Interreg Central Europe 2014-20, ) where we have created a PV+battery-system add-on optimal sizing tool for an end-consumer and a tool for day-ahead optimal scheduling of a heat source connected to a heat storage.
In case you need a design or modification of a tool for sizing of the system you envision or its scheduling, or both, feel free to contact us.
Best regards,