Reply To: Developing Virtual Experiences of Cultural Heritage

Sonia MerloSonia Merlo

Dear Charles,

Red Raion ( is an independent CGI studio specialised in media-based attractions and smart content for entertainment and culture. The mission of the company is to support institutions, museums, cultural centers, and tourism operators in choosing the most efficient immersive contents for their VR, XD and interactive attractions.
Our expertise can be summarised as follows:
– Development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for culture and tourism.
– Production of CGI interactive content for any kind of hardware support and attraction.
– Production of custom VR / 5D movies / Dome movies.
– Development of top quality Video Games, Serious Games and Gamification applications.
– Experience in project dissemination and exploitation.

We have long experience in the preparation and development of EU projects and we are interested in joining your consortium bringing our added value in the realisation of a virtual reality cloud based universe of built heritage sites in the Mediterranean Region.

Please contact me at if you are interested in cooperating with us.