Union of Savio Valley Municipalities (IT) interested in joining a consortium

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    Valeria RossiValeria Rossi

    The Union of Municipalities of Savio Valley is a local authority, situated in Northern Italy (Emilia-Romagna), made of 6 towns (population 116,938), experienced in managing EU funded projects. The Union includes two natural parks and different interesting sites from the historical and cultural point of view (Cesena is the main center). A large area that extends from the plain to the mountains and is crossed by the Savio river which connects the internal areas to the coastal area of the Adriatic Sea.

    Interested in joining consortia as partner, on the following priority themes:
    1) CLIMATE: Secap implementation; forestry and agricultural management; landslides and hydrogeological risks; capacity building for climate adaptation planning and stakeholders engagement.
    2) SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: territorial marketing linked to the theme of cycling and wellness; integrated outdoor tourism; historic villages and traditions; tourism business networks.
    3) BIODIVERSITY: enhancement of the Casentinesi Forests Natural Park; protection and enhancement of the biodiversity and landscape of the Savio River Valley.
    4) GOVERNANCE: participatory processes for sustainable planning.

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