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    ana pegoana pego

    Universidade Nova de Lisboa is looking for partners for a research project in Tourism and sustainability related to the circular economy.

    Anna PeltegovaAnna Peltegova

    Dear Ms. Pego,
    Bulgarian Management Association is interested to join your project in tourism and sustainability. We have completed numerous projects financed by the Interreg programmes, including Interreg Europe, Interreg Greece-Bulgaria, Interreg Bulgaria-Serbia and other EU Programmes. We will be very pleased to send you a list of our expert areas and accomplished projects. Please contact us via e-mail at:

    With kind regards,
    Anna Peltegova

    Giulia TerracianoGiulia Terraciano

    Dear Ana Pego,
    I am contacting you on behalf of the Developia Foundation, we really liked the idea behind your project.
    As the name of the foundation suggests, the main objective is “DEVELOP”, which means Social, Professional and Territorial development.
    Environmental care, sustainable and territorial development is one of the main area of activity of the Foundation.

    Although Developia is a newcomer in European projects, but it was born from the experience of two very active players in the field of European projects, namely: the SME Geinnova and the NGO instituto ikigai.

    As for our experience in European projects: we help other institutions in their search for funding for social projects and share our know-how in the management of international projects, ensuring the achievement of objectives and their success. Furthermore, we have experience and knowledge in online training, through our own platform and with the capacity to develop online courses in different languages.

    If you are interested in knowing more, contact us:

    Sonia MerloSonia Merlo

    Dear Anna,

    Red Raion ( is an independent CGI studio specialised in media-based attractions and smart content for entertainment and culture. The mission of the company is to support institutions, museums, cultural centers, and tourism operators in choosing the most efficient immersive contents for their VR, XD and interactive attractions.
    Our expertise can be summarised as follows:
    – Development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for culture and tourism.
    – Production of CGI interactive content for any kind of hardware support and attraction.
    – Production of custom VR / 5D movies / Dome movies.
    – Development of top quality Video Games, Serious Games and Gamification applications.
    – Experience in project dissemination and exploitation.

    We have long experience in the preparation and development of EU projects and we are interested in joining a consortium and bringing our added value.

    Please contact me at if you are interested in cooperating with us.



    Dear Ana,
    Development Association NERDA is the NGO from Bosnia and Herzegovina working as a partner in different projects related to economic development. We have a vast experience in the EU/Interreg projects but, due to the programme criteria/restrictions, we have not been able to participate in the Euro-MED programme so far. Our expertise is in the areas of tourism, agri-food, metal/wood processing and we also have experience in circular economy.
    We find the proposed topic of your project interesting and would like to receive more information on the project idea to be able to take part in the eventual consortium.
    For more information, please check our website and contact us at the e-mail
    Looking forward to hear from you and for the potential cooperation with your institution.

    Best regards,
    NERDA team

    Franco Di AndreaFranco Di Andrea

    Dear Mrs,
    I’m expressing our interest in joining your research project proposal in Tourism and sustainability related to the circular economy.
    I’m writing on behals of “Ten for sustainability”, an Italian not-for-profit organziation founded, by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in scientific research, training and communciation on environmental sustainability, rational use of energy, renewable energy sources (mechanisms and technologies), on development of sustainable tourism products and services ( on ten pillars to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to valorize cultural and natural heritage both local and global scale.
    We promote scientific, technological cooperation to transfer innovation from the research to the society; communication activities, among others through the development of online and offline communication strategies, media relations, dissemination activities, coordination, planning, and management of institutional communication, event organization.
    Ten for Sustainability members have also a long track-record as regards:
    – research and development of programmes and technologies for the reduction of green-house emissions, the decarbonification of the social-economic systems, through the rationaluse of energy and renewable energy sources, also as a results of shared research endeavors at European level;
    – design and provision of training programmes on specific issues related to environmental sustainability and circular economy, within formal Master Courses provided by Universities, specific professional training courses or courses for adult learners.
    We’ll be glad to provide more information as regards our orgazniation and we’re ready to cooperate in the proposal planning and writing.
    Warm regards,

    for Ten for Sustainability
    Franco DI ANDREA
    Project developer and coordinator


    Dear Ana,
    We, CYDRONES IoT SOLUTION Ltd, are a cutting-edge technology Start-Up company based in CYPRUS specializing in designing Drones and designing innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technologies that collect, process, and manage data for decision making and action routing. I would like to express our interest in your project, and we would like to get to know more information about your project idea. We would be very interested to collaborate and use drones, or Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Blockchain technologies in your project.

    Michael Giorgallas

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Isabel SernaIsabel Serna

    Dear Anna,
    I write to you from Ayuntamiento de Ceutí, a municipality in the region of Murcia (Spain) with an interesting cultural and gastronomic offer.
    We have experience in EU projects related to tourism and cultural heritage in different EU programmes:
    – Cultural Heritage – Exploiting Opportunities for Rural Development (CHORD) is a project implemented within the STC Programme MED, between 2009 and 2011.
    – Improvement of Branding for Rural Areas through Vocational Education (IBRAVE) is an Erasmus + Project implemented between 2014 and 2016.
    – Walk a Story (Innovative tourism – collecting cultural heritage through intergenerational walks) is a Project belonging to the Erasmus + Programme, implemented between 2018 and 2021.
    – OuRoute is an Erasmus+ project, between 2018 and 2022, based on the organisation of (re)discovery trips and “ethno-videographic” expeditions, for students to design their own research protocol related to local heritage and interacting with
    key actors linked to art and crafts.
    Apart from this, we have been lately working to promote circular economy among our population as well as businesses, being invited to take part in different round tables about this topic as we are considered a good practice.
    In fact, I have followed different courses in circular economy and carrying out just now an 8 months course to become a transforming agent in circular economy, organised by Nicola Cerantola, creator of the Ecocanvas methodology.
    I would like to know more about your proposal and that you consider us as a partner. My e-mail is
    Best Regards,
    Isabel Serna.

    Bill MitsiosBill Mitsios

    Good morning

    The Development Organisation of Municipality of Larissa, Greece is highly interested in your proposal’s theme and can bring other Greek organisations on board, in case it is needed for partnership purposes. Please send me more info at


    Vasilis Mitsios
    European Initiatives Consultant (PhD, MSc, BSc)
    8th Frixou Str.,41222 Larissa, Greece
    Tel. +30 2411116035
    Mob.+30 6977414819
    Skype ID: billmitsios
    Linkedin ID: Vasilis Mitsios

    Emma Duc GoninazEmma Duc Goninaz

    Dear Ana,

    Waking Life is a multidimensional project with budding cultural and ecological initiatives based in the municipality of Crato.
    In 2017 we started an annual festival which is now gathering up to 10.000 participants from over a hundred nationalities in the interior of Alentejo (one of the most deserted and dry region of Portugal).

    The event takes place over a week around a 10 hectares lake. Its program offers an enticing mix of musical performances, fine art, film screenings, debates, workshops, and different practices related to the well-being of the mind and body.

    In 2020, together with the municipality of Crato, we started implementing a 10 years program on land regeneration on the site of the event.

    The aim is to transform the 40 hectare lands around the Lake of the “Barragem das Nascentes” into a public natural park with a lush biodiversity and offer innovative environmental solutions for regions such as Alentejo which are intensely suffering from rural exodus, water crisis and soil desertification.

    Circularity is at the core of our business model, we have been implementing a local organic food system and frame our work around the prevention, reduction, up-cycling and recycling of materials, water and energy. For instance, we are now designing the whole natural treatment of all the grey water collected from the festival. This work allowed us to win a national grant from Turismo de Portugal for sustainable event, contributing to the redynamization of abandoned area.

    We are now looking for partners to collaborate on research and experiences on a wide range of topic.The symbiosis between land regeneration project and an international cultural festival gives us a very interesting platform to experiment and develop solutions (through pilot projects for instance) which are replicable in other contexts. Moreover, the success of our annual festival gives us a considerable visibility on international scene and a great network of capable professional and experts.

    You can find more info about the festival here: Please note, the pages regarding the land regeneration program are currently being built.

    contact me at

    Boyko DoychinovBoyko Doychinov

    Dear Ms. Pego,
    I am writing on behalf of Regional Cluster “North-East”- Bulgaria, which is a public-private organization uniting various companies, educational institutions and public structures.
    RCNE has experience in the implementation of projects under the Interreg Programs.
    We are interested to get involved as partner because your project idea deals with topics, which are the main activities of RCNE
    Feel free to contact us by email:
    Best regards,
    Yoanna Ivanova

    Innovation HiveInnovation Hive

    Dear Ana,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Innovation Hive, a private non-profit organization located in Larissa, Greece and spesialized in the fields of research and innovation. Our organisation was established in 2020 and we are currently implementing 75 EU projects in various programmes such as the LIFE, ERASMUS+, CERV, AMIF and HE.

    Alignment of tourism with practices that will foster sustainable development, is one of our priorities while our expertise is on the field of circular economy, as we are currently implementing the projects below:

    -RE-START project ( aims to develop a circular start-up training programme that enhances the entrepreneurial mindset considering circular economy principles. (Erasmus+ KA2)

    -GD HIVE project ( give special attention in developing circular economy skills and competencies, especially focusing on youth business activities (whether the youth are entrepreneurs, business owners or they work for companies, or they are thinking to establish a start-up or even they are unemployed). (Erasmus+ KA2)

    You may find our website here:
    Please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Alice ScottiAlice Scotti

    I’m Alice Scotti from Adriafer, company 100% controlled by the Trieste Port Authority. Trieste is a port city and also the biggest Italian railway port.
    We are the shunting manager of the port and a railway undertaking operating in the Friuli – Venezia Giulia Region on the border to Slovenia and Austria.
    We would like to develop a project idea related to railways as a mean to reduce traffic congestion caused by tourism by reactivating old train paths as TRANSALPINA and TCM-MUGGIA (Trieste – Slovenia railway lines) as new Public transport and touristic attractions, having our firm as railway undertaking. Since this call only finances test and transfer projects, I think it would be perfect for pilot test activities such as the one I mentioned.
    We have won 4 co-financed projects just in 2023 on INTERREG and HORIZON programmes and have on our side a consulting firm which could help us in the drafting and coordination of the proposal if you need a LP.
    In case you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me a

    Best regards,

    Alice Scotti
    Adriafer Rail Services S.r.l.,
    New Free Port, Trieste
    +39 3468841077

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