Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska Region, Slovenia

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    Jelena VidovićJelena Vidović

    Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska Region, Slovenia (BSC Kranj), is looking for partnership to cooperate in the project(s).

    BSC Ltd Kranj, has been acting as a connecting link between the regional and national level for 27 years, as it has public authorisation from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, based on which it is entered in the register of regional development entities. BSC Kranj unites all 18 municipalities of the Gorenjska region, develops and declares programs and projects that strengthen regional competitiveness by connecting the needs of local communities and companies with national and European development policies and financial resources. BSC operates in the field of transnational projects, which we have implemented more than 300 since 1995, and we are currently implementing more than 40, which puts BSC Kranj at the very top of operations in the field of international, transnational projects within Slovenia. We act as a supporting organisation for the public sector as well as for SMEs, conceive ideas for the projects or turn ideas into projects, find funding and prepare the projects. BSC also work around finding project partners and execute project activities, finding successful entrepreneurs and teach young people how to become successful business people. BSC has a lot of experiences with the projects on the field of sustainability, sustainable tourism, green living areas, innovative sustainable economy, renewable energy, natural heritage, digital, digitalisation and many others.

    BSC Kranj has many experiences as lead partner and work package partner in the Interreg and also Interreg MED projects.

    Branimir GenevBranimir Genev

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Branimir Genev, a Junior expert in “European programs and international cooperation” department of Stara Zagora Municipality, Bulgaria. We would like to form a consortium and fund a project proposal through the Euro – MED INTERREG program. If you are interested to join us, do not hesitate to contact me and I will send you a more detailed description of our project idea. My e-mail address is:

    Iliana GeorgievaIliana Georgieva

    We are a Bulgarian-Italian consortium working on a project that aims to develop sustainable tourism by introducing a Circular economy and looking for a partner.

    If you are interested, please write:

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