Kastel Gomilica Voluntary Fire Brigade – Interested in joining a consortium

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    Ante IvanovićAnte Ivanović

    Kastel Gomilica Voluntary Fire Brigade is an all-volunteer, humanitarian and non-political society of volunteer firefighters of special interest for the Republic of Croatia in the field of fire protection. For over 35 years, the Kastel Gomilica Voluntary Fire Brigade has been privileged to serve the Split-Dalmatia county community.

    Department members are persons who work to improve fire service and fire protection, as well as other persons performing activities that patronize a fire service. Our volunteer firefighters train constantly in the latest techniques and strategies involved in fire incidents. Through participation in EURO-MED programs, we want to strengthen our capacities to create environmental awareness and provide effective responses to the needs of the local community in crises caused by natural disasters (forest fires, floods, earthquakes) and human action.

    We are interested in participating in projects on the following priority themes:
    Natural environment and heritage – forest fires (wildfires) risk prevention and management, climatic change, forest ecology, CO2 mitigation in the atmosphere…

    If you believe that our organization could be a potential partner, under GOVERNANCE PROJECTS for proposals for Euro-MED Programme feel free to contact us to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

    Contact person: Ante Ivanović (

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