Domínio Vivo Lda representing the BIOSPHERE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM in Portugal

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    Patrícia AraújoPatrícia Araújo

    Domínio Vivo Lda, representing the BIOSPHERE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM brand in Portugal has been active since 2007 in the areas of professional training and consulting, adapted to the needs of the organizational market – companies, social solidarity institutions and public administration bodies. The company employs 25 people – all graduated – and indirectly collaborates with more than 200 trainers and consultants. Until February 2022 the company helped to train and qualify about 19.000 people, mostly employed. The company works with more than 350 organizations, among them the main portuguese companies and public bodies:
    – Qualification and certification of sustainable tourism in Destinations and companies of the value chain, by the reference Biosphere Responsible tourism, through the brand Biosphere Portugal. Regarding the qualification and certification of sustainable tourism area, Domínio Vivo represents in Portugal RTI – Responsible Tourism Institute. The RTI is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and is supported by the World Tourism Organization for the development of its work. The Responsible Tourism Institute is a non-governmental organization.
    Biosphere was created in 1995 after the World Conference on Sustainable Tourism was held to serve as a driving force for the implementation and development of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism. For this purpose, RTI follows the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on the Protection of the Environment and Development (Rio, 1992) and the guidelines of various programs of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and UNESCO on development protection of the cultural and natural heritage. In representation of RTI, Domínio’s Vivo through the Biosphere Portugal brand aim in Portugal is the implementation of actions and programs of sustainable development in the Tourism Industry.
    As such our mission is to promote in Portugal management and sustainable development models within the tourism industry, encouraging the social and cultural authenticity of each destination and community. As part of our activity, Domínio Vivo /Biosphere Portugal collaborates with tourism organizations, NGOs and Destination management entities with a significant cultural and natural heritage, mainly from rural territories. The philosophy and values of our focus on the evaluation of the cultural and natural heritage within the Tourism Industry through the promotion, dissemination and application of the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standard and its various categories, in order to obtain a Sustainable Tourism certification, the Biosphere Certification.
    Biosphere Certification Standards are approved by the GSTC – Global Sustainable Tourism Council, proving to customers and tourists that an independent third party applies all worldwide requirements of impartiality, independence, conflict of interest and good technical and human execution. In this way, Biosphere Standards were the first to be recognized and approved worldwide as an able and viable entity to certify Sustainable Tour. For more information, please contact us via e-mail:

    Sophie SchmittSophie Schmitt

    We found your project idea particularly interesting because of the focus on natural heritage. We are interested in integration of the topic of climate change. We have an extensive experience in Interreg cross-border projects (Italy-Austria and Italy-Slovenia) but not yet an experience in Interreg MED. Please, contact us, we can explain the details of our previous projects and see how to better fit in your project.
    The contact is: and

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    We are interested in your project, please contact us.

    C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is a non-profit, educational and research organization. CIP constitutes a leading organization in Cyprus in global education, social innovation, citizen engagement, entrepreneurship, STEM, IoT, AI, clean energy and sustainable growth. CIP has been running more than 70 EU-funded projects, including KA2 & KA3 actions, AMIF, ENI CBC Med, COSME and Horizon Europe.

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