Confartigianato Vicenza-interested in joining a consortium

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    Gaia AnzolinGaia Anzolin

    Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza is a private not-for-profit association and Business Support Organisation (BSO) of Micro and SMEs, based in the city of Vicenza and born in 1945 with the aim of safeguarding entrepreneurs’ interests and supporting their actions to improve the local economic and social context. Today it is the largest employers’ organization in Italy with around 20,000 members from 39 business sectors. It is part of a regional and national confederation of BSOs, namely Confartigianato Imprese, which is also a founding member of the umbrella organisation SME United in Brussels. Throughout the years, our Association has also been managing several regionally, nationally and internationally funded projects (e.g. Interreg, Erasmus+) involving an increasing number of companies from different sectors and fostering the important exchange of expertise and good practices at a European level.
    Confartigianato is interested in joining a consortium within this thematic priority. We can contribute in communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, promoting dialogue and cooperation with public and private stakeholders, create critical mass and involving SMEs.
    For more information visit our website ( or contact us at

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