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    Bogdan BirnbaumBogdan Birnbaum

    Since the early 2000s the City of Venice has gained a significant experience in accessing and managing EU funds through a centralized and dedicated office, the EU Policies Department. The department has developed high competences and skills in project design, coordination, management and communication, achieving remarkable results.

    T H E C I T Y I S I N T E R E S T E D I N W O R K I N G O N:

    1) M O B I L I T Y: Clean, safe and connected mobility Electro-mobility and alternative fuels Participatory Mobility planning Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

    2) E N V I R O M E N T: Brownfield management CO2 emissions reduction Natural based solutions Climate change adaptation and mitigation Changing citizens and tourists’ behaviors Hydrogeological risk

    3) C I R C U L A R E C O N O M Y & F O O D P O L I C Y : Waste management and recycling Reducing Food loss and waste Food quality and health Valorising local products and gastronomy

    4) BETTER & MULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE – sustainable tourism governance


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