Reply To: Heritage Department of Corsican regional authority – searching for partnerships


Dear Laurence,

I am Marijana Lukačević, project assistant in Coordinator of Požega-Slavonia County, and we are also seeking opportunities to participate in a project under the second call for proposals, as a project partner.

Here is a brief description of our organization:
Požega-Slavonia County (Croatia) is the founder of the public institution Regional Development Coordinator of Požega-Slavonia County, which employs a number of experts with many years of experience in strategic planning, preparation and implementation of EU projects. The regional coordinator was established in accordance with the Law on Regional Development, and in accordance with the same performs all tasks prescribed by law. One of the activities is the provision of expert assistance in the preparation/implementation of development projects of public law bodies and public institutions, thereby additionally strengthening the implementation capacities of the County.The team of the PSŽ Regional Development Coordinator prepares, develops and manages projects financed from EU funds and projects of interregional and international cooperation, prepares expert
strategic decisions and proposals for development programs.

Our project idea/activity is related to the reconstruction and (VR/AR) of prehistoric houses, in situ, at the archaeological site Kaptol (continental Croatia) dating to the early iron age – Hallstatt culture.
Futhermore, as part of the project activities of the Interreg Iron-Age-Danube project (2017-2019), a cultural route called Paths of the Warriors – Early Iron Age in the Požega Basin (one part of the bigger European route The Iron Age Danube Route) was designed with the aim of presentation and popularization of this important archaeo site in Europe. Along the route, there are 11 educational and information boards that want to introduce visitors to different aspects of life in the Iron Age Kaptol.

After the complex candidacy, on 19 May 2021, The Iron Age Danube Route was awarded as the Cultural route with the certification of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes.

So, it would be great to email me because we are very interested to participate as project partners.