how to make a Wikipedia page for economic consultant or a business?

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    Carl WatsonCarl Watson

    Creating a Wikipedia page for an economic consultant or a business requires a few steps and some research to ensure accuracy.

    1. Visit the Wikipedia page for Economic Consulting: Visit Wikipedia and read the page to understand the scope of economic consulting.

    2. Gather Information: Research the economic consultant and compile information about their background, education, professional experience, and any unique qualifications or awards.

    3. Create a Draft: Create a draft of your Wikipedia page using an online editor like Google Docs. Make sure to include a brief introduction about the economic consultant and their qualifications, followed by a detailed summary of their professional experience and accomplishments.

    4. Cite Sources: Make sure all of the information you provide is from a reliable source, and cite those sources at the bottom of the page.

    5. Submit Your Page: Once your page is complete, submit it to Wikipedia for review. They will review the page to ensure accuracy and make sure it follows their guidelines.

    Following these steps will help you create a Wikipedia page for a business or an economic consultant.

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