Ivica MartinovićIvica Martinović

Dear All

I am writing you from development agency of the Town of Korčula – Croatia.

We are a small town located on the north east shore of the island

On the eastern limits of a town a ferry port(which is planned to be relocated in next 2-4 years) and an industrial area is located. Also there is an underwater archeological site nearby, whole area is under Natura 2000 protection, towns archipelago with natural and cultural sites is in the vicinity, whole area is under pressure of nautical tourism etc.

We are aiming to revitalize this area and include it back into the town(give it back to its citizens) on the principle of green and blue infrastructure, smart/sustainable entrepreneurship, inclusion, restoring/protecting natural and cultural environment.

In doing so we are looking a project trough which we could gather and study data, develop and evaluate different revitalization options (or create method to so) in order to support decision makers with the reliable and objective information.

I hope we can find common interest in us being partners on the project.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Ivica Martinović, dipl. oec.
KORA d.o.o.
Trg A. i S. Radića 1
20260 Korčula
095 910 7073