What is the minimum and maximum number of partners?

As a minimum requirement, the partnership of any Interreg Euro-MED project must involve:
– at least 4 financing partners;
– from at least 4 different countries from the Programme cooperation area and among which, at least two partners are based in an EU region of the Programme cooperation area.

The size of any project partnership should reflect the scope of the project and remain manageable. The Terms of Reference of each call for proposals may set different limit for the size for the partnership and specific additional requirements regarding the partnership.

Call Euro-MED02: it foresees a minimum of 5 partners representing 5 different countries within the Interreg Euro-MED Programme cooperation area. Out of those 5 partners, at least 2 shall be based in a country within the European Union (UE). There is no maximum but a recommended number of participants per project category: for study projects, between 8-10 partners, for Test projects between 10-12 partners, for Transfer projects between 8-10 partners. This recommendation concerns the co-funded partnership.