Possible outputs for “testing” projects ” mentionned in the ToRs are plans for transferability of results, transfer tools or protocols: which would be the correct output indicators for these outputs? Could jointly developed solutions/ strategies / action plans jointly developed be accepted?

Expected outputs are detailled in the « What are the expected outputs and results » of the ToRs.

Jointly developped solutions are methodologies, tools, technologies, services, partnership/cooperation agreements that should be developed through the involvement of at least 2 partners from the Programme cooperation area, tested in real conditions and easily transferable (output RCO116).
A jointly developped strategy is a course of actions designed to achieve a long-term goal in a specific domain, while an action plan is the translation of jointly developed strategies into actions (output RCO83).

Transfer tools and protocol would fit into the jointly developped solutions definition as long as they are tested, while a « plan for transferabilty of results » should be considered as a strategy or an action plan depending on the content and maturity of the plan.