According to ToRs “Test projects experiment common instruments, policies, strategies, and action plans already developed to validate concrete solutions to be transferred to a larger number of beneficiaries and territories”. These instruments, policies, strategies, and action plans must have been developed by one of the testing project’s partners? Or they could be developed by others (third parties) whose results have been disseminated and are included in relevant literature? In which section this available knowledge must be documented in?

Testing projects allow to test instruments, policies, strategies and action plans developed in the frame of previous projects. It is possible to foresee a preliminary phase for the analysis of the context in which the test will be applied but the instruments, policies, strategies or action plans should be based on already available literature and knowledge.
It is possible to have in the partnership partners that have taken part to the development of those instruments or, if well justified, it could be also possible to implement instruments developed by third parties.
In the Application Form you have the possibility to explain the knowledge to which your project is based on, under the section C2 ( mainly C2.6 and C2.7), and also under the project Work Plan (section C.4) in which you can explain the approach used.